Sep 28, 2011


Commerzbank Arena. One of Germany's largest football stadiums. Capacity of 51,500 spectatos.

And no one's there.

Sep 21, 2011


An architectural mash-up

Now turn upper and lower part of the pages separately to create new skyscrapers.

main attraction.

Reminiscence of a summer that barely was one.

Sep 19, 2011


trampoline + camera = fun.

good governance.

It seems that if you want to become a successful politician you have to be a mean, sleazy son of a bitch. But not everyone is a bad person by nature.

So here it is: a small user's guide to becoming a successful politician.

kreatiefgang documentary.

On June 9th 2011 the KREATIEFGANG exhibition opened. Students of the European School of Design transformed the eventful past of the Falkenstein Grand Kempinski into art. My job was to document the process that led to an exciting art exhibition.

So here it is. My first documentary. Have fun.


A sick bay for creatives.

May 12th - May 15th 2010.

The ADC Summit is coming to Frankfurt for the first time. And with it Germany's most creative but notoriously broke students to celebrate their creative work. We gave them a place to rest their heads. For free.


ADC Junior Award 2011 Bronze

a touch that moves.

GWA Junior Agency Award & ADC Junior Award winning Campaign for the new BlackBerry Storm.

For one of Germany's most renowned student hosted by the GWA, the european school of design teamed up with FH Frankfurt and Leo Burnett to create an integrated campaign to attract a younger audience to the new BlackBerry Storm. The first BlackBerry with a touch screen.

Because of the fingerprint being the the connecting link between the user and his BlackBerry Storm we chose it to be our key visual and built the whole campaign around this one-of-a-kind little thing.


TV Spot The hero of the campaign. Based on a unique style with the fingerprint as the key visual it tells the story of a Storm owner.

Print Supporting the style of the spot the motifs advertise certain applications in Storm's toolbox always saying that all you need is the touch of your finger ("Auf Fingerdruck").

Online Tied closely together, a micro-site and an app offer something new to facebook: After creating your unique virtual fingerprint based on your preferences, it will then on facebook connect you with - to you yet unknown - people, that are just like you. This way you can meet new people without being limited to your established social circles.

Event Blessed with a gracious budget, we want to give some of it to the less fortunate. Because everyone has a social responsability.

At the Alexanderplatz in Berlin a huge screen and a stand is set up, where you can leave your fingerprint on a real BlackBerry Storm and it will appear on the screen at some point forming a huge heart out of one million fingerprints - each finger print sending 1€ to the victims of the Haitian earthquake.

Augmented Reality Simple, low-key postcards laid out at restaurants and clubs, serve as the key to the online augmented reality program. Hold the card in front of your web cam and a hovering BlackBerry Storm will appear.


Client RIM / BlackBerry
Creation europeanschoolofdesign, Frankfurt
Assisting agency Leo Burnett, Frankfurt
Accounting FH Frankfurt
Production cineteam
Audio FunDeMental


GWA Junior Agency 2010 Silver
ADC Junior Award 2011 Bronze
MKN Junior Award 2010

Team Dominique Winkel, Stefan Mildner, Christopher Koster, Anne Klakow, Annette Woiczyk, Carine Thielen, Michaela Aulbach

Lecturers Ralph Thamm, Detlef Wildermuth